Hello, and welcome to the revamped, revitalized Blue Plate Diner, the most complete, most (and only!) up-to-date Strange Luck website on the internet! My name's Azar, and I'll be your hostess today.

If you're not familiar with Strange Luck, well, first of all, what are you doing on this website? *grin* Strange Luck was a short-lived television series that ran on the FOX network from fall of 1995 to early spring of 1996. It starred D.B. Sweeney, Frances Fisher, Pamela Gidley and Cynthia Martells. Unfortunately for those of us who were fans of the show, not only did it suffer an untimely death, but the series has subsequently appeared almost nowhere in reruns, which means it's largely been forgotten.

This site was created by me while the series was still on the air, and I'm sorry to say neglected for almost a decade until Geocities, our original host, decided to shut down, prompting me to either move it or lose it. I chose to move it, and since my web design skills have improved dramatically in the interim, give the place an update while I was at it.

What will you find here? Pretty much everything Strange Luck-related that I created or collected during the site's heyday and after. I created the site to be the best Strange Luck resource on the web, and I'm optimistic enough to think it still is.

What you won't find, unfortunately, is anything that couldn't have been obtained by a dedicated fan with pretty much NO access to the network or the production company. This means no hi-res images, no DVDs of the series, official or otherwise. But everything that I *do* have on the series, I've shared with you on this site.

Hope you enjoy your stay.

Bon chance,

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