First televised September 15, 1995
Guest Starring Saxon Trainor, Art La Fleur, Christopher Darga, Todd Tesen, Richard Grove, and Margaret Medina; Produced by Douglas Burdinski; Written by Karl Schaefer; Directed by David Carson; Co-Starring Ted W. Henning (Paramedic), Alvin Ing (Cook), Nelson Mashita (Dave), and Keith Sellon-Wright (TV Announcer); Art Direction by Randy Ser

Act I: Chance remembers the plane crash he survived thirty years ago (106 others died). He gets a phone call from Westin telling him that Congressman Tab Robertson has just been arrested. Chance needs to get over to central booking for a Chronicle page one photo, and "don't get sidetracked." Chance stops by the Blue Plate Cafe [Before Angie got smart and made it a diner :-)] and notices a woman crying. Chance wins five dollars playing the lottery (he wins every day) to pay for some coffee. Chance follows the crying woman to the top of a skyscraper and calls 911--the woman's ready to jump. Chance tries to talk her out of jumping. He grabs her, but she pulls him over the side. He snaps pictures on the way down. They land on the fire department's giant air bag. The woman is angry at Chance: "If it wasn't for you, I'd be dead. Stay away from me! You're bad luck!" Chance gets ride to central booking from police. On the way, they see something strange: a crashed car standing vertically. A man jumps out of the car and shoots the police; Chance takes photos. The car bursts into flames. The man runs away as other police arrive.

Act II: Chance tries to explain, but the police arrest him. The criminal looks on and steals Chance's overcoat with his wallet. At the police station, the congressman is processed; Chance snaps a photo. Chance is booked--he knows the procedure better than the cop. He has twenty-three previous arrests (murder, arson, kidnapping), but no convictions--none even went to trial. The file also lists citizen commendations. Chance meets forensic psychologist Dr. Richter for an interview and psychological profile. He's about thirty years old and was adopted by a fireman. "Things don't always turn out the way I plan. Things happen to me. Lucky things. Good, bad--doesn't matter." Why? "I don't know." Since he's going to be in the right place at the wrong time anyway, being a photographer at least gets him paid for it. She hypnotizes him. His actual name is "Alex." His brother Eric was taken away after a burial at the cemetary. Chance awakens; he doesn't remember any brother, only his Mom and sister who died in the crash. The building is on fire. Chance and Richter flee.

Act III: Westin drives Chance home. His place is trashed. Chance is relieved that a particular wooden box is still there. He didn't find out until age eighteen that his parents died in the plane crash. He received the box from the man who adopted him. Chance never looked inside but will now because of what he said under hypnosis about his brother. Inside is a newspaper article about the crash and a jacket labeled "Eric." As Chance and Audrey leave, they see someone driving his car away. Audrey wants to give chase in her car; Chance goes instead for coffee at the Blue Plate. He wants to try to find his brother. Chance takes Audrey's car and finds Richter; he wants to be hypnotized again.

Act IV: At Chance's apartment Richter hypnotizes him: he's now on the plane before the crash, watching himself as a child. He can't find Eric on the plane. The criminal enters the apartment. Chance leads the barefoot man into a wet darkroom. Chance tosses an electrical cord on the floor and electrocutes the criminal. Later, Chance looks through photos of the suicidal woman, who ended up getting on top of the hospital roof and jumping. Chance finds the criminal's bag left behind in his apartment. It's filled with money.