1.10 THE BOX
First televised December 1, 1995
Special Guest Star Wendy Makkena (Louise); Guest Starring Scott Plank (Eric Sanders), Sofia Milos (Jill), Fred Parnes, Antony Holland; Written by Michael Cassutt; Directed by John Kretchmer; Co-Starring Betty Phillips (Beverly Schlager), Myles Ferguson (Urchin), Lillian Carlson (Wheelchair Woman), French Tickner (Stan), Andre Danyliu (Frank), Carolyn Hay (Karen York), Tony Mar (Toktar), Darryl Quon (Man #1), Patrick Pon (Man #2), J.R. Bourne (Borden); Featuring Constance Barnes, Tyronne L'Hirondelle, Darren Moore, Scott Owen, Michael Roberos, Steven Bell (Young Eric), Adrienne Carter, Grayson Woods (Young Chance)

Intro: Chance has found a couple of 1967 addresses for "Sanders" listings by looking through old phone books. At one address, the new owner says the old Sanders was black. A cyclist crashes on the road in front of Chance and gives him a black box--a weapon that must not fall into the wrong hands. He wants Chance to keep it until he returns for it.

Act I: At the Blue Plate, Chance shows Angie the box. Other customers are eying it. Two start a fight as distraction; another guy runs away with box. Chance catches the guy. He says the box belongs to him. He falls down and warns Chance to beware the power of the box. Chance gets help, but when he returns, the man is missing--but the box is still there. Chance drives around looking for another Sanders address and is being followed. He eludes them, puts the box in his glove compartment, and visits another address. The current resident, Louise Brooks, lets Chance look around inside; he seems to remember the house. He returns to his car. The box is not in his glove compartment--it's in his coat pocket! At a hospital, a woman says the box is a touchstone--it's for memories. She says for him to be careful with it. A man gets wheeled in and suddenly sits up. The box gets hot--Chance drops it to the floor. The old lady is gone. A nurse says the old woman was blind from an accident.

Act II: Chance shows the box to Richter. A lab isn't sure what the box is made of. A lab technician has the box stolen from her by some woman. Richter finds the box--she trips over it. Back home, Chance puts the box in his microwave, then leaves. A woman breaks into his house but is knocked out by a guy. Chance visits Louise's neighbors Harold and wife Beverly, who knew Bob and Rosemary Sanders. Harold remembers the Sanders kids always digging holes in his yard. Chance says he's trying to find his brother, but they can't help him much. Chance returns to his apartment; it's a mess from the robbery. His foot locker has been stolen with the woman thief.

Act III: Chance goes to a local pawn shop. He finds his lamp, CD player, camera, and the box. Chance tells Richter he's been seeing flashes ever since getting the box. He wants to be hypnotized again. She does; Chance remembers his father leaving, waving goodbye. The woman thief finds Chance. She has his foot locker in a locker at the bus depot. As they drive, she says the box was shaped by a Pakistani artisan from a meteorite that exploded over its atmosphere one hundred forty years ago. This cube has unusual properties and is made of material never before seen. She's been trying to get it for three years. He shows it to her--she can have it when he gets his stuff. It's gone from the bus locker, but they chase thieves by car. They elude Chance. He's upset and throws the box off an overpass. Returning to his old home, he begins digging where he remembers digging as a kid (in Harold and Beverly's yard).

Act IV: Later, Chance tells Angie he didn't find anything, and he'll probably never find the foot locker again. Chance decides to put the past behind him. The woman thief enters--she hands the box to him because she doesn't want it any more (it's bad luck). He doesn't either--he doesn't want to be cursed. He decides to bury it in Harold's yard. Louise and Chance talk as a group of guys come for the box. Chance finds his foot locker in the guys' van. The cyclist arrives for his box. The box is in the ditch, along with a metal container. Chance opens it. It's a "time capsule." Inside is a note, Alex's toy plane, and the dog tags from Eric's "real daddy." The tags read "Arthur E. Vandenberg"--Mrs. Sanders' first husband. Escrow papers include an address for Vandenberg. Chance heads over to the address. A man opens the front door. Chance is looking for Vandenberg; the man says he is. Chance is looking for Eric Sanders. The man says, "I used to be Eric Sanders." "To be continued..."