First televised December 8, 1995
Guest Starring Scott Plank (Eric Sanders) and Roy Dotrice (Mr. Wilford); Written by Kerry Lenhart & John J. Sakmar; Directed by Greg Beeman; Co-Starring Jill Teed (Mystery Woman), Christopher Newton (Messenger), and Norman Armour (Preacher); Featuring Steven Bell, Adrienne Carter (Jeannie), Capper McIntyre (Patch), Michael Sullivan (Eric's Father), and Grayson Woods

Intro: Eric Sanders talks on the phone--"What you're doing is sick! Leave me alone, or I'm calling the police!" Eric cries. HE answers the doorbell--it's Chance. The scene from the end of "The Box" is replayed. Eric says his wife just died, the funeral is tomorrow, and he wants Chance to leave. Chance drops his card through the mail slot:

Act I: Chance watches the funeral from a distance and sees another man taking pictures. Chance questions him. Later at his apartment, Eric drops by. He's upset at Chance and "his buddy" for being at the funeral. Chance shows Eric the items from his chest to convince him that he's his brother. The jacket convinces Eric--he remembers giving it to Alex. Eric remembers his dad telling him about the plane crash. The back story: after Alex's dad died, Mom suddenly found ehrself with three kids and no job. So Eric went to live with his dad (the mom's idea). Eric thought she was just getting rid of "a leftover from a bad time in her life." Chance said no--Mom loved Eric. Eric needs to clean out Roxanne's office at Genodyne. Chance comes along. Eric says Chance's birthday is February 29. Eric explains that Roxanne was in research; he's in interational sales for pharmaceuticals. Chance sees the funeral photographer at the Genodyne office. Roxanne's office has already been cleaned out. Eric explains that Roxanne was killed in a car "accident." The phone call said Roxanne had been murdered. Eric wonders if industrial espionage is at fault. Back at Eric's home, the place has been trashed. Chance finds a bomb. He and Eric leap out a second story window just before the explosion.

Act II: Eric and Chance go through the rubble the next day. A messenger delivers a letter. Eric and Chance go to a secluded parking garage and talk with a woman with her voice disguised. (She's the one who originally called Eric that night.) She "wants to help" and warns Eric about "Captain Black" and a password.

Act III: Angie wants to meet Eric. The funeral photographer (Mr. Wilford) shows up at the diner and talks with Chance. Wilford says Eric is a thief. Meanwhile, Eric is at the Genodyne office searching for information on the computer (he types in Captain Black as the password). Wilford smokes Captain Black pipe tobacco. Wilford explains that Genodyne has many government defense contracts involving highly classified substances. He says Eric has been stealing the substances and auctioning them to foreign buyers. Did Eric confide in Chance? Chance doesn't believe Wilford. Wilford thinks Roxanne's death and the house bomb might have been a warning from someone Eric double-crossed. Eric tells Chance that Genodyne is manufacturing germ warfare viruses. Roxanne didn't know. Eric wants to find the research lab. That night at the cemetery, the woman in black gives a folder to Chance for him to give to Eric.

Act IV: Chance runs into the messenger again and learns where Eric is. Eric has Wilford tied up and injects him with a poison (it's not really) as Chance enters. Eric will give him the antidote if Wilford tells him the truth. Wilford insists Eric is engaged in treasonous activity. Eric insists Genodyne is producing illegal biological warfare products. Meanwhile, the manufacturing lab is burned to destroy the evidence. Wilford won't say where the lab is. Chance gives Eric the envelope from the woman in the cemetery--it's a toxocology report sent to his wife's office by mistake (she was never supposed to see it). The location of the lab is noted. They drive to the lab and find it destroyed. Wilford enters and will shoot Eric. He admits to killing Roxanne. Wilford says Eric is not as "lily white" as he pretends. Chance drops a large barrel on Wilford, and Eric escapes. Chance finds Wilford's ID--he's from the FBI. Later at the diner, Chance reads a letter from Eric. Eric remembers that Chance's dad "had the strangest luck." Then: "P.S.: If anything happens to me that sounds suspicious, and you hear about it, I'd like you to do me a favor and call a friend of mine. He works at the FBI...His name's Mulder."