First televised December 15, 1995

Guest Starring Timothy Omundson, Leon Russom, La Reine Chabut, Jay Brazeau, and Bathsheba Garnett; Written by Matt Dearborn; Directed by David Jackson; Co-Starring Matthew Varrick (Michael Ryan), Lorraine Landry (Annie Ryan), Ben Ratner (Rob Gold), Tamsin Kelsey (Wanda Reed), and Ken Tremblett (Dan); Featuring Winston Brown, Dennis Dubinsky, Adrian Hughes, Mitchell Kosterman, Bill McKenzie, Douglas Newell, Roxana Philip, Rick Poltaruk, Troy Turi, and Danny Wattley

Intro: Chance comes upon a burning building as the firefighters arrive. He tries to take photos, but another photographer, Steve Medavoy, pushes him out of the way. Chance notices a boy (Michael Ryan) in the building and rescues him.

Act I: Audrey and Chance talk at the diner. Steve got lots of great photos of the fire. He has a knack for being at the right place at the right time. Chance gets stopped by the police--he's in trouble for not responding to several jury summons. Chance meets Jessie Tanner, another juror, in the courthouse. Chance is seated on a jury. Harold Gunderson is accused of theft while using a gun. During a break in the trial, Chance meets with Audrey--there's a car accident, and Steve takes photos. Chance visits Michael, Lenny (the younger brother), and the mom at the hospital.

Act II: Chance asks Richter to talk with Michael. The trial resumes. Jessie has made a needlepoint with Chance's name inside a heart. During a trial lunch break, Chance ends up at a small convenience store. Inside is a naked mental patient with a weedwhacker. Steve arrives and takes photos as Chance falls into a pile of eggs. Later at the trial, Chance is stinking up the courtroom. The judge adjourns the court until Monday. Chance drops by Audrey's office. Steve brings by some photos of Michael Ryan. Chance is upset and punches Steve.

Act III: Audrey is upset that Chance and Steve are fighting. Chance visits Michael, who is looking in the burned-out rubble for Lenny's truck. Chance talks with Jessie at the courthouse. She tells him she's married to Ron, and she told him about Chance. Back in court, Steve takes the stand to discuss a photo he took of the Gunderson robbery. Chance remembers seeing Steve pay Gunderson.

Act IV: Later, Chance talks with Audrey. He suspects that Steve is staging all these "tragedies" and "crimes" so he can be there first. As they leave Chance's apartment, Steve spies on them; seated with him is the naked weedwhacker guy. In the jury room, a preliminary vote has Gunderson guilty 11-1 (Chance has the one "not guilty" vote). He finds Steve's reflection in the security mirror of the robbery photograph. Steve asks Audrey to meet him down at the warehouse where the fire broke out. The jury finds Gunderson not guilty. Everyone is shocked. Audrey wants Chance to meet her at the warehouse. Chance arrives to find Audrey tied up. Steve beats Chance unconscious and leaves. The mental patient lights a gasoline-soaked rope leading into the warehouse. Chance revives, puts Audrey (still tied to the chair) over his shoulder, and races out the door before the building explodes. Ron drops by Chance's apartment, where Steve is trying to break in. Ron thinks Steve is Chance and beats him with a baseball bat for "meddling in other people's marriages." Chance watches as Lenny returns home from the hospital. Audrey, Richter, and Chance eat at the Blue Plate Diner. Jessie and Ron have just eaten there and are leaving.