First televised January 5, 1996
Guest Starring James Cromwell (Minister), Julie Bowen (Leigh Anne), Ken [Pogue] (Joseph Harper), Simon Webb, and Carlin Glynn (Marilyn Harper); Written by Scott Smith Miller; Directed by John Kretchmer; Co-Starring Robert Thurston (Producer) and Donny Lucas (Production Assitant); Featuring Greg Anderson (Security Guard), Lovie Eli (Neck Brace), Teresa Hannah (Police Photographer), Patrick Keating (Blind Man), Kasper Michaels (Attendant), Robert E. Smith (Bystander), and Denalda Willams (Ticket Clerk)

Intro: Mr. Lynch is looking for a woman. Chance waits for a bus from River Falls. A woman, Leigh Anne, talks with Chance. He thinks she's in trouble--she's acting weird. She gives him a kiss (to hide from someone) and leaves as Chance's parents arrive. They drive away; a wandering llama has traffic backed up. A pedestrian has been hit and is dead. Leigh Anne places her hands on the pedestrian and prays; he is okay now. She asks for a ride from Chance (to avoid pursuers).

Act I: Leigh Anne eats at the Blue Plate with Chance and his parents. Chance wants to hear about how she healed the pedestrian, but she doesn't want to talk about it. She learns that Chance has saved a few people too ("but always before it was too late"). Chance is surprised when his mom tells him that he used to pray before bedtime. The faith healing ministry can't begin the show until Leigh Anne arrives--but nobody can find her. Back home, Chance shows a picture of Eric to his parents. Chance thinks he got his luck from his own dad.

Act II: The minister works for Mr. Lynch. Leigh Anne was supposed to heal Lynch; the minister says Leigh Anne is just a vessel--God does the healing. Lynch's men will continue looking for Leigh Anne. She tells Chance that she thinks maybe he's been "chosen." She asks if he believes in God. He says he hasn't seen enough proof yet. Leigh Anne is tired of "performing." Leigh Anne and Chance snuggle on the couch. The next morning, his parents drop by and find Leigh Anne there. Everyone's uncomfortable. The minister reports Leigh Anne as having been kidnapped. Mom's been having medical tests done. Later, at the hospital, Chance asks Leigh Anne to pray for Mom; she says she already has. And she's lost her healing gift. Chance saves a blind man from falling; then the man can see. Leigh Anne thinks Chance did it, and vice versa. Security comes and "rescues" Leigh Anne, then arrests Chance.

Act III: The minister picks Leigh Anne up from the police station. He says he won't force her any more to be a part of the ministry. Leigh Anne will return for now, but she wants Chance to come along--he's been blessed, touched by God; he just doesn't know it yet. Mom's been started on chemotherapy. Dad tells Chance that Mom has ovarian cancer. Dad says he and Mom love Chance--they were trying to protect him by not telling him about the crash. At the ministry, Leigh Anne is scheduled to heal Lynch. The minister realizes he took his eyes off God. Chance drops by. Leigh Anne announces that the time has come for a sabbatical. Leigh Anne tells Chance she's leaving--she doesn't have the power any more, not like he does. He says it's just luck. Lynch blames Chance for Leigh Anne's decision; his men kidnap Chance and Leigh Anne.

Act IV: Lynch demands that Leigh Anne heal him. She says he's trying to manipulate her and God. She says it didn't work before, and it won't now. She puts her hands on him, and he collapses, dead. Chance returns to the ministry; his parents are there. Chance is uncomfortable. The minister prays for someone with cancer. Later, Mom asks Leigh Anne to look after Chance after she's gone. Leigh Anne tells Chance she's heading off to Colorado for a couple of months, but she'll be back. Mom and Chance embrace. Later, at the Blue Plate Diner, mom tells Chance the cancer is completely gone--not in remission, but gone, like it had never been there.