First televised January 19, 1996
Guest Starring Lucinda Weist, Bo Eason, Angela Harry (Jacqueline/Jake), Cory Everson, and Jason Schombing; Written by Michael Cassutt; Directed by Mark Sobel; Co-Starring Terence Kelly (Mr. Murphy), Roger Haskett (Officer Nides), and Peter Flemming (Cop #2); Featuring Dolores Drake (Stew Woman), Allan Franz (Rescue Worker), Calen Hunter (Malcom Haugen), Raimund Stamm (Workman)

Intro: One night, Chance is awakened by a phone call, a wrong number. They call again; wrong number. They call again--it's Rebecca. A man yells in the background; Rebecca has to hang up. Chance drives to her home and hears screaming insided. He fights with Andrew Ulmer, but Rebecca denies calling him.

Act I: Chance stops by the Blue Plate and tells Angie about Rebecca, who always seemed to be in trouble, even ten years ago. She was his ex-girlfriend accused of killing her husband--he'd been beating her. Chance returns home; Rebecca is already there. They kiss. Her arm is scarred from Andrew's attacks. She apologizes--for tonight, and especially for ten years ago. She needs to return to Andrew.

Act II: Chance remembers a train ride in which he met Rebecca. A truck knocks off Chance's driver door. He tries to trade in his car. He finds one that has bullet holes in it. Chance isn't sure, but the salesman lets him try it out for a couple of days. Chance finds Andrew at a health club and pushes him into the pool. Chance's new car is no good; the motor overrevs and won't stop. He wants his old car back. He returns to his apartment and talks with the manager about the "guy" in apartment 501 with lots of newspapers. Rebecca is already in Chance's apartment and says she's left Andrew.

Act III: Rebecca mentions how ten years ago, everyon thought she killed Malcom. The next morning, Chance discovers Rebecca has left. Chance finds her, but she tells him good-bye. Andrew has drowned at the health club. Chance meets Westin there. Audrey is suspicious--two of Rebecca's husbands have died. A health club worker recognizes Chance (as he's leaving).

Act IV: Police look for Chance at the Blue Plate. Angie covers for him while he hides. Audrey suspects that Rebecca has been hurting herself to get attention. Chance tries to catch Rebecca at work, but she just left. He finds her at home. Rebecca is packing to leave. Police want to know where Rebecca was all night; she says she was with him. Chance says he loves and cares for her, but he won't lie for her--she wasn't with him. He leaves--she gets in the passenger seat, puts a knife to her wrist, then tells him to start driving. She started cutting herself a long time ago after they broke up. Rebecca admits the death of Malcom wasn't self-defense. She never killed Chance because he never gave her the opportunity. Police stop them. Chance gets out of the car. Rebecca scoots over, tries to run him over, then drives the car off a cliff. It explodes. Chance returns license plate to car dealer and gets his own car back. Chance meets Jacqueline ("Jake") from apartment 501. He places a photo of Rebecca in his "box."