First televised February 2, 1996
Guest Starring Peter Kelamis (David Benton), Cindy Ambuehl, Francis Guinan, Ricky Aiello (Frankie), and Peter Allas (Dominic); Written by Babs Greyhosky; Directed by Scott Brazil; Co-Starring Garry Chalk (Desk Sargeant), Kevin McNulty (Ira Goldberg), and Russell Roberts (Jeweler); Featuring Pat Quinn (Himself), Randy Myers (Himself), Brett Hedican (Himself), Brent Chapman (Security Guard), Michael Fendley (Shirley), and Miriam Smith (Bridal Clerk)

Intro: Chance and a woman get stuck in an elevator at a hockey arena when someone cuts some wires in the basement. Examiner sports reporter David Benton interviews hockey plaher Randy Myers. Management enters and causes a ruckus. Chance climbs out the top of the elevator and pulls the woman Penny up. They climb out an open door. Dave finds them sprawled on the floor. Penny sees Dave and says she's in love.

Act I: Two weeks later, Dave wants Chance to be his best man at his wedding--with Penny. Chance is worried about having to plan a bachelor party. A man with an artificial leg and a gun gets dressed. Penny asks Audrey to preside over the guest book. Chance and Dave are at a bowling alley (the site of the party) when Chance runs into Dom (Dominic) and Frankie, the two guys who owned the Elvis potato. Chance invites them to the party--it turns out they're the only two who show up. They flirt with two girls from the next lane who turn out to be guys. A fight breaks out. Angie meets Chance as he's released from the police station. Dave must stay the night--he had an outstanding arrest warrent for drug trafficking.

Act II: Chance, Audrey, Penny and the Examiner's legal council Frankling Goldberg visit Dave in jail. Chance accompanies Penny to pick up the wedding band at a very pricey jewelry store. Neither Chance nor Audrey understand how Dave can afford it. Chance drops by Dave's home--it's a ritzy, gated mansion. He climbs over the gate and enters an unlocked door. The house is virtually empty. The one-legged man enters, threatening to shoot Chance (thinking he's computer hacker Benton). But before he can shoot, a baseball flies through the window and hits him on the head--some boys were playing ball out in the back yard.

Act III: Audrey accompanies Penny as she's fitted for her wedding gown. Audrey learns Penny has been married twice before--both of her previous husbands died. Later, Chance tells Audrey about the gunman and Dave's mansion. Audrey tells Chance about Penny's past. Audrey thinks Penny killed her first two husbands. Chance learns the FBI has taken custody of Dave. Chance meets Audrey at Penny's apartment. Penny has tons of information on Dave; she knows he's a millionaire. Penny enters with Dave.

Act IV: Chance suggests Dave not marry Penny--but he goes through with it anyway. As the wedding begins, the gunman starts shooting from a balcony at the back of the church. Suddenly a baseball flies through the window and hits him on the head. Later at the police station, everyone learns that the gunman, Arthur Whitehall, was a victim of the Unihacker. Whitehall thought Dave was the Unihacker. Penny decides she doesn't want to marry Dave because he's not rich. Later, Audrey and Chance eat at the Blue Plate. Audrey wonders why they broke up. Chance says it was the strange things that happened to him--Audrey seemed to enjoy the action a bit too much. Chance wonders whose life the Unihacker is messing with now. Meanwhile, the Unihacker is electronically transferring two million dollars into Chance's bank account.