First televised February 9, 1996
Guest Starring Kristoffer Ryan Winters, Jeremy Renner, Angela Harry (Jackie), Wayne Robson, and Ashleigh Aston Moore; Written by Andy Hedden & Rob Hedden; Directed by Jim Charleston; Co-Starring John Novak (Agent One), Jill Teed (September Rehne), Steve Maxaj (Kevin Green), Dwight McFee (Martin Richards), Sean Allan (Herbert Dimbar), Dmitry Chepovetsky (Accountant Manager), C. Earnst Martin (Henry Perez), and Sheelah Megill (Assistant Manager); Featuring Kristi Angus (Clerk), Leo Coodin (Rico Munoz), Sean Millington (Agent Three), Rob Morton (Guard), and John Tierney (Cookie)

Intro: Chance is at an ATM machine. The guy before him leaves his wallet. Chance gets $40 from the machine and sees that his balance is $2,000,724.63! Also on the receipt: "I'm watching you...sucker." Chance talks with the bank. They apologize for the message, but Chance says the problem is the extra two million. They say it was wired from an international corporate account whose trust has been dissolved, so they can't return it. Chance figures the culprit is the same guy who hacked Dave Benton. Angie rushes off to see her son Cory James--who just got arrested for murder and is in jail.

Act I: Chance and Angie meet the boy. Long ago, she gave him up for adoption. Last night, the son threatened his band manager Todd Moore. Soon afterward, the manager was dead. Chance posts bail for the boy--$500,000. Later at home, Chance tries to call the owner of the wallet, Lou Jackoway. But Chance's phone service has been disconnected. He borrows neighbor Jackie's phone. He leaves a message--the wallet will be at the Blue Plate Diner. Chance is concerned about the bank message. Martin Richards from the Atlantic Title Company tells Chance that they want their money returned--all of it within twenty-four hours (as a matter of "principle"). Chance and Angie go to hear Cory's band Retrofit play. Chance turns down the guitarist's amp; sparks fly.

Act II: Somebody had cut the grounding wire. Maybe hyper-fan Pandora is responsible. Cory argues with the guitarist Picard. The next day, Lou Jackoway, a private detective, drops by the diner to get his wallet. Chance wants Pandora's envelope traced. Chance returns home and discovers his electricity off. Jackie gives him a candle. Lou tracks down Pandora's address. Pandora is a young teenager. September Rehne was the band that got bumped from the club when Retrofit came along. Chance's gas oven explodes.

Act III: Jackie visits Chance to see if he's okay. Richards arrives and warns Chance about Smooth John Filge. Lou offers to look into Chance's computer hacker problems. Cory and Angie talk uneasily. She says she gave Cory up to keep Cory's father around. Cory's upset Angie never came to get him. Angie used to sing to him. Chance finds a note attached to his front door: "I'm watching you...sucker." ATF bursts into his home--but they had the wrong address (computer foul-up). Cory meets with Picard, who is stoned--right before a major audition. The guitarist is upset at Cory for taking over the band--just the thing Moore tried to do. He hits Cory with a wrench.

Act IV: That evening at the bar, everyone (except for the guitarist) is worried that Cory hasn't shown up. Pandora suggests Chance and Angie check the warehouse where the band practices. The JLH Records rep listens to the band with Picard singing lead vocals. Chance and Angie find Cory, unconscious. The record rep doesn't like what he hears. Medics take Cory away. Police arrest Picard. Lou fed the hacker's profile into Chance's system--so the Atlantic Title Company will be "getting in touch" with the hacker. Cory is doing okay and will stick around.