First televised September 22, 1995
Guest Starring K. Todd Freeman, Billy Burke, Gina Philips, Alexia Robinson, and Mike Simms; Written by John J. Sakmar & Kerry Lenhart; Directed by David Jackson; Co-Starring Mitchell Kosterman (Officer Kronish), and Jeff Burnett (Shifty-Looking Man); Featuring David James Jackson (Burly Gardener) and Colin Vint (Cabby)

Intro: Chance snaps pictures of men dumping chemicals into a river. They see him. On the way out, he sees a stranded motorist and offers to help the woman. She and her friend steal his car (and photos).

Act I: At the Blue Plate, Audrey's upset Chance doesn't have photos of the illegal dumping. Chance said he had them in his car--which was stolen. He can't rent a car without a valid driver's license--his expired. He borrows Audrey's car to retake his test. At a stoplight, he sees his stolen car pull up beside him. Chance wants to chase; the instructor won't let him but leads him to a shortcut through town. The thief swerves around Chance (blocking the middle of the intersection) and crashes into a water hydrant; Chance retrieves his camera as the thief escapes. Chance fails his driving test.

Act II: Chance develops his photos, including ones taken by the thief. Unfortunately, the waste dump photos were in his other camera. Chance takes photos of a house he saw on his roll of film. Later, Chance and Audrey look at the first photos. In a multiple exposure, Chance thinks he sees a woman with a gun to her head. He tells police he thinks a girl is being held in the house; the owner of the house convinces the police otherwise. Later, Chance takes his driver's test again. He gets pulled out of the car and taken back to the house. The owner shows him a photo of his daughter Jensen with a gun to her head. She'll be killed if the police get involved. The owner warns Chance to stay out of the situation completely--or he'll be killed.

Act III: Chance takes his driver's test again. (This time Audrey is in the back seat.) Chance sees across the street the original "stranded woman" with the man who stole his car. Audrey wants to call the police; Chance says they won't believe him. Chance follows the guy while Audrey keeps an eye on the girl. In a warehouse, the guy meets with a girl apparently held hostage. Chance tries to rescue her; she knocks him out.

Act IV: Chance awakes, tied up. Jensen doesn't want to be saved. She thinks her dad doesn't love her; she and the man will run away with the ransom money. Chance says her boyfriend has a girlfriend; Jensen doesn't believe him. The boyfriend returns. Chance wants his waste dump photos. Jensen's dad places the money at drop point in the sewer. The "stranded" woman (from the intro) arrives with word that the money has been dropped. Jensen doesn't know who this woman is. The woman admits to being the "other girlfriend." The man goes to get the money while his girlfriend watches Chance and Jensen. The driving instructor and Audrey come to the rescue. Audrey leads Chance to the drop point while the instructor keeps an eye on the two women. The drop point happens to be where new waste is being dumped--onto the boyfriend looking for money! Chance finally passes his driver's test and has his new photo taken. The license reads,