First televised September 29, 1995
Guest Starring Jon Gries, Jensen Daggett (Sarah), and Geoffrey Blake; Written by Michael Cassutt; Directed by Ralph Hemecker; Co-Starring Bill Croft (Jim Griffith), Gary Hetherington (Governor), Hrothgar Matthews (Orville Mudd), Bill Dow (Wilbur Mudd), Philip Hayes (Burt), and Chilton Crane (Lorna Plume); Featuring Anthony Harrison, Liza Huget, David Kaye (Sanders), Brennan Kotowich, Ken Roberts, and Carrie Cain Sparks

Intro: Audrey drives Chance to pick up his car--it had the brakes replaced. The mechanic is inside the garage with a car engine running and him asleep in the front seat. Chance rescues him. The man is upset at being saved.

Act I: Chance bumps the rear end of a taxi cab--his brakes were not fixed after all. Chance's forehead is bleeding. At the hospital, he sees the mechanic, Henry Plume. Henry says he killed Ray Marcinko, yet someone else, Griffith, confessed to the crime (said it was coerced) and got the electric chair. He was executed last night; Henry couldn't live with that. Chance says Griffith is still alive--the chair malfunctioned. The execution has been rescheduled for tonight. Henry and Chance meet with Audrey. Griffith exhausted all appeals except for a request to the governor from his lawyer. But the lawyer is dead.

Act II: The lawyer's daughter, Sarah Coughlin thinks Henry's confession may be coming too late. Griffith is finally resigned to die; she doesn't want another futile stay unless Henry can prove he did the crime. He says he hid the murder weapon in a door panel of a taxi cab that was later scrapped. They manage to find it. Henry convinces the assistant D.A. of his story, then flees.

Act III: Sarah and Audrey head over to prison. Angie and Chance go to meet "Sanders," who called the paper to set up a meeting. Chance and Angie wait at the hotel until Sanders returns (he's not in his room). Governor Ridley will be speaking at a fundraiser there. Chance bumps into Sanders (unawares) at the bar. Chance and Angie see Henry at the hotel. Angie poses as a waitress and manages to talk to the governor. As Griffith's head is shaved, Henry gets a hearing with the governor.

Act IV: The governor decides to grant a stay of execution. A storm won't allow calls to get through to the Cordova jail. Everyone decides to drive there in person. On the drive down there, Chance imagines himself in the electric chair. Griffith is strapped in. Sarah and Audrey look on. As midnight hits, Chance and Henry swerve into the prison, but the brakes of course don't work. Chance hits an electrical pole; sparks fly. The power is cut off in the prison. A utility cord falls onto Henry and electrocutes him. Griffith's execution is called off by the governor. Later, Chance takes a cab back to the hotel. As he gets out, Sanders enters the same cab and pulls away.