First televised October 6, 1995
Guest Starring Lochlyn Munro, Katya Garnder, Ken Pogue, David McSwain, Jonathan Scarfe, and Meredith Bain Woodward; Written by Karl Schaefer; Directed by Elodie Keene; Co-Starring Morris Panych (Vic Thermin), Sherry Bie (Director), Kelly Benson (Woman in Red), Roman Podhora (Hans), Peter Bryant (Movie Cop), Ronnie James (Lead Biker), Teresa Hannah (Officer Jaded), and Dean McKenzie (First A.D.); Featuring Kevin Blatch, Jamie Fransen, Saskia Gould, and David Paul Grove

Intro: Crossing a busy street, Chance trips over a false leg--with no owner in sight. Chance looks for a one-legged guy on his way to the Blue Plate Diner.

Act I: Audrey wants Chance to get photos of Dirk Moody, the star of the detective movie ("She Was") shooting in town. But the manager won't let photographers near, and Moody's being stalked by a crazed fan. Also: Audrey thinks Chance can find his brother if they run a feature on his being a plane crash survivor. He'll think about it. Chance heads toward the filming site, and a car flies through the air in front of him. He's alarmed, but it's part of the film. As he leaves, he almost runs over a woman. Later, he tries to get photos during a gunfight scene but is tossed out. Then--Dirk really gets shot. Chance sees the woman from before running away; he follows. She tells Chance she's married to Dirk.

Act II: At the Blue Plate, Chance and Dr. Richter meet the woman, Megan. Her boys have been taken from her. She thinks Dirk's behind it. She is uncooperative and eventually gets taken away in an ambulance. Later, Chance visits his adoptive parents. They wish he would visit more often. He wants to go to the crash site. Chance and Dad go, but the wreckage has all been removed. Chance remembers the crash and being found by the firemen. [Dad] renamed him Chance (mom wanted Lucky). Chance doesn't understand why he survived. Dad explains the difference between fate and destiny: fate is what life hands you, destiny is what you do with it. Chance's fate was to survive; his destiny's still up to him. Chance asks about an older brother. The parents' two-year search didn't turn up anything. Mom gives him a note where supposedly his real mother and sister are buried: Forest Knoll Cemetary. On movie set, Chance meets up with Audrey. He sees Megan on the set disguised as a nun; he tackles Dirk.

Act III: Chance meets with Richter and Dirk's personal manager. Megan has been sending Dirk obsessive fan mail. The manager wants Chance's statement so police can issue arrest for Megan. Chance wants a photo of Dirk. That night, Chance dreams of Eric's being taken away. Chance looks at Eric's jacket and his newspaper clippings again. The next day, Chance finds St. Martin's Cemetary on Forest Knoll Drive. Chance and Audrey walk in while druggie steals her car. Chance finds his family's grave markers: "Robert Sanders, Husband and Father, 1938-1966," "Rosemary Sanders, 1941-1967," "Jean Sanders, 1961-1967."

Act IV: Back at Chance's apartment, Chance and Audrey awake on the couch. In the morning Examiner: "Lone Survivor of Crash Searches for Lost Brother." Chance still thinks it's a bad idea. While changing his car's flat tire, a biker says Chance has his leg. The biker gives Chance a ride to meet Dirk. They go out on a yacht. Dirk got another note from Megan: only death can bring us together. Chance takes photos. Megan is already on the boat and attacks Dirk. He recognizes her. His real name is Clarence. He really was married to her and abandoned two children. Chance takes a photo of Megan standing over Dirk; it runs on the front page of the Eerie Enquirer. "Dirk Moody, from Star to Scum." (Other headlines: "Dog to testify in L.A. trial," "Earth's gravity increasing.") Chance reads it at the Blue Plate. Audrey enters with first week's mail from the plane survivor article. Megan wasn't the one sending Dirk the threatening letters after all. Outside a bar, Dirk meets a woman who says she loves him, then shoots him.