First televised October 13, 1995
Guest Starring Mark Rolston, Devin Oatway, Douglas Roberts, and James Slovan (Arthur Titlebaum); Written by Melinda Snodgrass; Directed by John MacPherson; Co-Starring Douglas H. Arthurs (Gerson), Peter LaCroix (Devlin), Jon Cuthbert (Hitman), Derek Hamilton (Bruce Devlin), Roger R. Cross (Bryant), Garry Davey (Popov), Colin Lawrence (Stokes), D. Neil Mark (Zisk), and Don Thompson (Desk Sergeant); Featuring Camyar Chai, Lossen Chambers, Ted Cole, Scott Owen, and Claire Riley

Intro: Chance listens to talk radio. Later, he buys a hot dog from a vendor. A man hands him an envelope: "Nothing's changed. You'll get the rest after you've done the hit." He walks away. Chance is confused; the envelope contains $10,000 in cash. Then a man in an overcoat walks up to the vendor and buys a hot dog.

Act I: Richter tells Chance to give the money to the police. At the police station, Chance realizes he's been pick-pocketed and doesn't have the money. The real hit-man receives a new assignment--get the money back and kill Chance, then kill the original target. Lawyer Arthur Titlebaum arrives in town to represent three kids who admit to killing someone on the subway. Chance tells Audrey what's happened to him; she writes him a check for $8000. The hitman sees Chance with Audrey and prepares to shoot, but he gets hit by a car. Chance takes the man's cellular phone,

Act II: Richter talks with neo-Nazi Daniel--he's following Bruce's lead; Bruce is feeding him with racist ideas. Afterward, Chance tells her about the man who got hit by the car. She will check the man's phone records. Daniel and a friend desecrated a Jewish cemetary and beat a man. Chance's check from Audrey falls out of his pocket and gets eaten by a mower. She gives him a replacement check. Audrey thinks Titlebaum is the hitman's target. Richter says the hitman is a member of a white supremacist militia. Chance doesn't think Titlebaum is the target. Chance gets a call on the cellular phone; when caller realizes he's not "McCabe," he says, "You're a dead man."

Act III: Neo-Nazis learn that the hitman has just died. They're worried Daniel will talk. At Blue Plate, Chance warns Titlebaum about the death threat. Titlebaum doesn't think he's the target. Chance tells Richter he thinks Daniel and Bruce know who the target is. Daniel says he'll be killed if he tells Richter of the plans. Later, Bruce thinks Daniel told Richter of the plans. At the bank, Chance is there while it's being robbed. One robber recognizes him as McCabe's impostor. He brings Chance with him.

Act IV: Chance is taken to the Nazi hideout. Bruce is going to kill Daniel. Chance is tied up in the van with lots of explosives. Three Nazis drive the van, which is stopped by police. They notice Chance tied up in the back and rescue him. Dr. Richter needs to be warned. During transportation of the prisoners, a guard slips Bruce a knife as Daniel talks with Richter. Bruce comes at them and stabs Daniel. A policeman arrives with Chance; Bruce is shot. Later, at the Blue Plate, Audrey tells Chance she's working on a story about the white supremacy movement; Daniel will assist in the story. Meanwhile, the radio talk show host continues to rant and rave. Chance--whose car radio picks up only that one station--tosses his radio out the car window.