First televised October 20, 1995
Guest Starring Ricky Aiello (Frankie), Peter Allas (Dominic), Joy Bisco, Michelle Bonilla, Joe Minjares, and Eli Gabay; Written by Cathryn Michon; Directed by Greg Beeman; Co-Starring Mark Saunders (Daniel), Lynda Boyd (Pregnant Woman #1), Tamsin Kelsey (Angie Look-Alike), Akiko Morison (Detective Benter), Campbell Lane (Sidney), Tom Heaton (Poor Soul), P. Adrien Doryal (Balcony Man), and Elizabeth Lamont (Balcony Woman); Featuring Dee Jay Jackson, Nick Allen, Ligaya Allmer, Siobhan Barker, Kristy Cohen, Edward Diaz, Paulina Gillis, and John Tierney

Intro: A woman is about to have a baby at the Blue Plate Diner. Chance and Angie assist.

Act I: Angie is too charged up to work today; she envies all the excitement that Chance has and will accompany him. All he has planned is to photograph the potato shaped like Elvis. They go to view it. A thief (Frankie) with a (fake) grenade breaks in and demands the potato; they toss it around, and Frankie ends up with it. He escapes in a get-away car. Angie barely misses getting hit by a car because her shoe stuck to the sidewalk. She wonders if she caught Chance's luck. Chance plays the lottery and loses every one. Angie gets five and wins $100. Angie sees girls attack a boy; one, Yolanda, is supposed to shoot him but refuses. Angie screams. Another girl shoots the boy and at Angie. They drive away. The boy dies.

Act II: Police warn Angie about retaliation in gang-related crimes. Angie says Ricky did the shooting. Angie is willing to be a witness. She and Chance talk to Yolanda's parents, but they don't believe Angie's story. Yolanda denies everything. At the diner, a casting director wants Angie for a national spray cleanser commercial. Angie isn't interested. Angie sees Frank outside her restaurant; she threatens him, and he gives her the potato back. Meanwhile, the girl gang shoots up the Diner. Angie returns and sees Yolanda (and vice versa) as the girls drive away.

Act III: Angie stays at Chance's apartment. She says Yolanda was doing the shooting earlier. Angie doesn't understand how Chance gets through each day. He says he concentrates on little things. The police will put Angie under protective custody. Chance accompanies her to the motel. They play cards. Angie wins. And her cola can is an Instant Winner for $1000. They give the can to a pregnant pizza delivery girl.

Act IV: At St. Theresa's School, Chance and Angie talk with Yolanda. She wants to make some serious money temporarily to start her own business. Yolanda tells Angie to leave or she'll be dead. Later, at the Diner, Frank and his brother (the owner) want the potato back. Chance wants to compromise. Frank discovered the potato. The brother bought the potato. They agree on how to split the profits. In the back room, Yolanda tells Angie she wants to talk out back. Angie is surrounded by the gang. The brothers start arguing again as Chance grabs the potato and drops it in the blender. Yolanda thought the gang was just going to scare Angie, but she's told to shoot her. She refuses. Ricky takes the gun; Chance leaps; the bullet hits Yolanda. She'll be okay. The next day, Angie is exhausted. She wishes Chance's luck would leave her. She loses at the lottery; Chance wins $10. A young pregnant woman at the diner begins to give birth. Angie sees a cleanser commercial on TV starring a woman who looks almost like her.