First televised November 3, 1995
Guest Starring George Eads (J.R. Dean), Gregory Itzin, Arthur Taxier, and Tim Henry; Written by Matt Dearborn; Directed by Martha Mitchell; Co-starring Peter Kelamis (David Benton), Layla Alizada (Carol), and Kimberly Restell (Wendy); Featuring Mike Busswood, Garvin Cross, David Fredericks, Wren Robertz, and Ravinder Toor

Intro: Chance attends an ice hockey game with a friend Dave Benton to see J.R. (James Randall) Dean, the #8 draft pick overall. Chance will be taking photos. Chance leans down to get his food; a puck flies out of the ring, misses him, and hits Dave in the head.

Act I: Dave has a concussion; Chance didn't get a photo of J.R. His car won't start, so he gets a ride. A man comes in the Blue Plate looking for Chance. Chance is dropped off at the Blue Plate by--he learns (too late)--J.R. Audrey is upset he didn't get a photo. She wants Chance to go to a banquet tonight to try to get the shot. A man spies on Chance outside his apartment. That night, at the banquet, Chance meets the hockey team owner who drafted J.R. J.R. gets into a fight and drives away with Chance and two female fans.

Act II: Chance tells J.R. to "chill out" and get a new manager, but J.R. can't--his dad is his manager. Chance, J.R., and girls hang out at ice rink. Chance makes a tricky "million to one" shot. Dad and friends arrive. J.R. is drunk. Dad wants J.R. to work out; J.R. runs away. Dad warns Chance to stay away. Dad's "friends" say the deal is in jeopardy.

Act III: J.R. is missing. Chance is beaten up as a "warning" and rescued by the man spying on him. Chance, Audrey, Dad, and Tornado's team owner Mr. Gardner meet. Chance hopes J.R. stays away from Dad and Gardner. At an ATM, Chance needs twenty dollars; the machine spits out a stack of twenties. The "spy" delivers Chance a microwave Chance won. The guy knows the people who beat up Chance--they work for St. Martin. Chance meets J.R. at the ice rink. Later, J.R. tells about his life--Dad is obsessed with J.R.'s hockey career; now it's not much fun. Chance suggests J.R. take some time off. J.R. tells Dad he's not going to sign. Dad blames Chance. He says if J.R. doesn't sign, St. Martin will kill him (kill Dad).

Act IV: Dad says that St. Martin is a gambler; Dad's deep in debt--$260,000. Later, Gardner announces the signing of J.R. Chance takes photos. The next day, J.R. shows up on drugs for a promo photo shoot. Dad and Gardner are upset. J.R. will cooperate only if Chance makes another "one in a million" shot. Chance hits J.R. in the knee (not on purpose). Chance visits Dave at the hospital. J.R. will go to a substance abuse program; the hockey contract still must be honored because the injury is considered an "act of God." St. Martin gets hit on the head by a falling microwave oven while walking down the street and now doesn't even remember who Dad is. Later, at the Blue Plate, Chance talks with the microwave guy (Leon Lorie), who has been fired, but not before he made "one last delivery."