First televised November 10, 1995
Guest Starring Gregg Henry, Kim Johnston Ulrich, Katherine Moffat, Stephen E. Miller, Jason Gray-Stanford; Written by John J. Sakmar & Kerry Lenhart; Directed by David Jackson; Co-Starring Michael Tiernan (Brother); Featuring Brenda Crichlow, Mitch Davies, Ericka Klein, Timothy O'Halloran, Gordon Tipple, Donna Yamamoto

Intro: Chance and Angie are fishing in a small boat on the lake. Chance is having great success. Overhead they hear a plane and a scream; a man falls out of the sky and lands next to their boat, followed by falling paper money, followed by a second man parachuting down and landing in the lake. Chance: "Now there's something you don't see every day."

Act I: Over a campfire, Chance and Angie talk with the parachutist. John Coleman, the dead man, was the plane's pilot. The other man was John's therapist. Turbulence came at eleven thousand miles; the plane stalled; John panicked and jumped; the plane went into a tailspin, and the therapist jumped too. The money must've been John's life savings stuffed into his parachute (maybe why it didn't open). John is buried in the woods for now. Chance remembers his own experience in a falling plane. While Chance and Angie sleep, the therapist collects the fallen money and messes up the campsite. Chance dreams he's John falling. Chance awakes, looks around, and finds the grave dug up. The therapist knocks him out. Later Angie finds Chance; a helicopter flies away.

Act II: The next morning, Chance and Angie discover their wrecked boat. They have to hike. Angie thinks the therapist is involved in drugs. Chance's feet are getting sore. Chance finds an old Indian arrowhead, then a four-leaf clover, then a diamond bracelet! Chance slips down a hill and finds a woman (Terry) in the woods. Later, back home, Chance soaks his feet. Terry invites Chance over for dinner. Chance sees a doctor about his sore, infected feet. He gets a prescription filled. At the hospital, the therapist is one of the "doctors." Chance tries to follow him.

Act III: That evening, Chance has dinner with Terry. She had been ditched in the woods by her brother. The prescription is having an adverse affect on Chance (he was given the wrong drug). He falls in the swimming pool. He has a vision of the plane wreckage and his mom. At the present, he's back in the hospital--his heart has stopped beating. He's clinically dead. The doctor learns about the wrong drug. In his vision, Chance talks with Mom--he was always "lucky." Chance asks about Eric--she wanted to tell him, but he was "just so young." She fades away as Chance's vital signs return at the hospital. Chance talks with the patient in the next bed (whose doctor is the therapist). He's awaiting a new heart. He can't afford this hospital, but a doctor offered to fly him in his private plane. Later, the therapist gives Chance a shot.

Act IV: More of the vision. Chance has to promise Mom he'll tell Eric that she loves him. Chance awakes and sees Terry leave with the therapist. Chance tries to follow but is groggy. He tells Audrey about Terry and the therapist. Audrey says the dead guy in the woods was a homeless guy named Steve who had his liver cut out. Terry talks with her brother--a liver's been found for their dad. Angie and Chance find the therapist and chase him. Terry's brother falls down some stairs and dies as the therapist rushes by. The therapist admits to Chance that he abducts homeless people for their organs; the money in the plane was his; Steve grabbed it thinking it was a parachute. Later, Audrey tells Chance that Terry's brother provided the liver for the father.