First televised November 17, 1995
Guest Starring Scott Plank (Eric Sanders), Susan Walters (Rosemary), and Michael Paul Chan (Feng Shui); Written by Page Turner; Directed by James Whitmore, Jr.; Co-starring Alvin Ing (Cookie), Fulvio Cecere (Construction), John Destrey (Kenny), Lucinda Nielson (Nurse), and Kate Robbins (Mother); Featuring Sonja Bakker, Nancy Baye, Cera Bollo, Kendall Cross, Kendall Sanders, Cam Labine, Olivia Palenstein, Dana Pemberton, Joei Seifert, and Beatrice Zeilinger

Intro: Chance wakes up one morning, looks out his window, and--across the alley--sees a young girl playing with a gun while her distracted mother talks on the phone in the next room. Chance dashes to the next building. There's no answer at the apartment's front door so he climbs down the building from the roof. Chance surprises the girl as he falls; the girl drops the gun; the mom enters the room and closes the window.

Act I: Richter thinks Chance makes things happen to him--he expects bad things to happen because of his childhood. He should just walk away when he thinks something bad is going to happen. Chance says it won't work, but he'll try. At the Blue Plate, some guy, Mike, is "rerouting" the diner's chi. Mike says Chance needs to exercise small restraint, don't take action; walk away. Angie offers him a lottery ticket; he refuses; she gives it to a woman in the diner who wins $100. Another woman rushes past Chance into the diner. Chance leaves, goes to the bank, sees a car running outside, keys in the ignition, and a suspicious guy in the bank. Chance walks by a ringing telephone but doesn't answer it. He hears crying from a dumpster and walks away. He sees a lunch sack drop from a man on a scaffold and walks past it. He arrives back at the diner. The man on the scaffolding falls to the ground because the scaffold broke.

Act II: Chance tears through the dumpster. Richter says everything's okay--no bank was robbed, no baby abandoned. Chance feels bad about the falling man (who didn't die). Richter says Chance survived the plane crash by accident; there is no reason. He disagrees--things happen to him every day. He wants a normal life, but he can't have one. They see the man in the hospital--he broke his leg but found a woman. Later, Chance bumps into the diner woman again and thinks it means something. Richter says it's coincidence. Back at the Blue Plate, Angie says you make your own luck. Later, at the park, Chance sees a fisherman who has fallen in the lake; nobody else noticies. Chance dives in for a rescue. An ambulance takes the man away; Chance sees the diner woman again.

Act III: Chance returns home and thinks about what Richter and Mike said. He looks at Eric's jacket and dreams of emptying the contents of the wooden box into a lake. Then he dreams of the diner girl sleeping beside him. He wakes up and pulls out Eric's jacket. He goes to Richter's home at 2:00 am--walking away isn't working. She says to keep pushing. Chance is sure the diner woman means something. Richter asks--is he really "normal" Alex or "abnormal" Chance? Chance dreams he's sinking in a lake and will drown if he can't rescue Eric. Richter thinks his search for Eric is a search for Alex and that Chance's weird luck began when he was given the childhood box. Later, back at home, Chance continues to dream about the woman. She takes a gun and some money out of a safety deposit box. She picks up the ringing pay phone and leaves money. Woman to Chance: "I've been waiting for you to find me." Chance awakes and wanders the streets. He goes to the Blue Plate. Mike: "You're working too hard. Do less, and what you're chasing might come to you." Chance falls asleep. The next morning, the diner woman leaves as Chance wakes up. He chases her to the airport.

Act IV: He catches up to her; she thinks he's working for her husband and wants him to quit following her. He thinks maybe she shouldn't get on her plane. She ignores him and gets on the plane--she's a flight attendant. She's frazzled and sits down in the back. She notices something on the wing. Chance talks with airport security. The woman enters and says there's a problem with the hydraulics--the plan wouldn't have been able to land. Her name is Rosemary--the same as Chance's mom. Chance tears "Sanders" listings out of an airport phone book. Richter meets Chance at the airport--her opinion is unchanged: Chance believes something about himself and makes it come true. If she's wrong, her whole sense of reality is wrong. On a flight, Rosemary serves a nervous man whose family was killed in a plane crash. The woman next to him holds his hand: "It's going to be all right, Eric." On the ground, Chance watches the plane take off.