This is, to the best of my knowledge, all of the Strange Luck fanfic that was written during and immediately after the show's brief heyday. All of it was archived with the authors' permission.

If you've written or know of any Strange Luck fanfic that is not here (aside from the Virtual Second Season, which has its own page on the site), please e-mail me and let me know. If it is not your work, please include whatever contact information you may have for the author so I can write and ask their permission to archive. :-)


Catalyst by Allison M. Dobell
A dream gives Chance insight into his luck. Crossover with Babylon 5.

Chance Edition by Megan Reilly
Crossover with The X-Files and Early Edition, sequel to "The Luck," MSR.

The Luck by Megan Reilly
Crossover with The X-Files.

A Million to One by Allison M. Dobell
Crossover with The X-Files.

The Strange File by Megan Reilly
Snippets from a potential crossover with The X-Files.

Strange Knight by Azar and DebC
Chance travels to Toronto...and finds a whole new kind of trouble there. Crossover with Forever Knight, Chance/Nat.

Strange Lunch by Azar
Dana Scully gets a crash course in Chance's luck. Crossover with The X-Files, Scully/Chance UST.

Who Watches the Watchers? by Kim Sefcik
Part I | Part II
The Watchers are hiding more secrets than anyone suspected, even Joe, and naturally Chance's luck lands him right in the middle of it. Crossover with Highlander and The X-Files.